Finns and Juhannus- Midsummer celebration

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Juhannus is the biggest celebration in Finland, whether you go to the holiday home (möki), away from the city, or stay in the city and enjoy concerts and parties with friends. As it is already known, the Finns are big lovers of sauna, which means that it will not be missing from anyone’s “program”, after that bath in palju. And for several years, it has become a kind of standard to go boating on the islands, grill, and fish. For those who want to visit Finland in the summer, by boat or caravan, there are always places specially arranged for barbecue, whether it rains or not.

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According to, I recently found out that during this period most weddings take place. And no wonder because now is the best time: everything is green and flowery, the perfect time for dresses and even to party somewhere outside.

I think the Juhannus holiday is the most anticipated holiday of the Finns. In ancient times, the Ukko, or the god of thunder, was celebrated, and the ritual that continues today is a bonfire.
Something that resembles the Romanian tradition is here as well. And on the night of June 25 to 26, unmarried girls must put under the pillow a bouquet containing seven kinds of flowers, in order to dream of their future husband. In Romania, midsummer flowers ( sanziene) are put under the pillow to dream of the future husband. As well in the Romanian and Finnish tradition, the one who finds the white fern flower, it is said that he will have good luck, a rich year, and will be able to read people’s thoughts. How amazing it is when cultures come together to create something beautiful!

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Most of the time, the cities seem deserted on this holiday, many of the residents going to holiday homes or traveling the country by caravan. But there are quite a lot of activities for those who stay in the city.
I live in Uusikaupunki, a relatively small town, but I can’t complain about the lack of activities: bonfire (kokko), music, beer and you can end your day with a sauna at home.

An important thing to know, at least for those who visit Finland in summer, here the night doesn’t really exist. It’s more of early sunset, but it’s a constant light. The sky becomes the canvas of a skilled painter, and every day it always looks different.
That’s something I’ve loved since I moved here.

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I hope you liked the article and found it interesting. For the most curious of you, I invite you to pay a visit to this country because it is worth visiting. Oh, and don’t forget to try the sauna.
I am waiting for you tomorrow with the Sunday article, as I used to. Hyvää Juhannusta!



4 responses to “Finns and Juhannus- Midsummer celebration”

  1. A great article about a wonderful and interesting tradition. Although it may not be nice for a Christian to say this but I like it when cultures still remember their pagan past as long as it doesn’t involve human sacrifices…LOL…thank you for sharing this.

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    1. I am sure that Christians understand that this article is about the summer holiday. Now, have a cold beer or a glass of wine, and let’s clash in honor of another summer.


  2. Such a great and informative post. I loved to learn about Finnish traditions. Here in Poland, we have a similar tradition related to putting midsummer flowers under a pillow. It’s so nice to learn it exists in other countries as well. I’m also kind of jealous of the white nights in Finland; I wish to see those one day!

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    1. Whenever you’ll come to Finland, and if you’re in my area, I’d like to show you around and enjoy Finland. ☺️


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