Ähtäri Zoo- nature and adventure

Looking at this cute furry ball, I can’t help but want to love him. Some time ago I decided to do an activity every weekend that would bring me a feeling of well-being, ( I recommend you also read Mental Health Is a Real Thing) to feel that I had done something for myself in the past week. And because from Monday to Friday my schedule is quite busy, on weekends I don’t want to add more work. So, together with some friends and my partner, I went to visit the pandas, who are the most recent inhabitants of this zoo. It was not the closest location to the town where we live, but it was worth every hour of driving.

A cute hungry panda

Besides these two pandas that completely conquered me, at Ähtäri Zoo you can do a lot of activities. It is more of a park with everything. You can find everything from zip lines to animal feeding and the discovery of life on the farm, from guided summer night paddling to jet skiing, from peat sauna to spa.

Zip line park

For those who come to spend their holidays in this town, the accommodation is not a problem. There’s a great variety of hotels and restaurants, for a pleasant experience. To be honest, until I moved to Finland, I didn’t know any of these things about Ähtäri or other places in the country. I thought it was constantly cold and people lived in the forest. But now I am glad to discover the country that I live in.

Snow leopard taking a nap
Two happy bison after lunch
The little Bambi

I could attach more photos but I would not want to spoil what can be visited in the zoo area. As a small parenthesis, I could say that this is the zoo with the happiest animals. The living conditions are extraordinary, the food is timely and fresh, there is enough space for each animal and it does not look depressing as I have seen in many of the zoos in Europe that I have visited.
They may not have giraffes and elephants, but they do have a fairly generous variety of multicolored birds and cute animals.

For me personally, the visit to this zoo was like an adventure, I started with the visit of the panda bears and I ended it with them. It was the first time I saw them so close and the fact that they are so cute I think made me want to visit them twice. You walk and look at each of the animals, and when you think you want to take a break, you can stop for ice cream or icy juice. A break in the shade, on a hot day, on a nice pontoon is really pleasant.

I hope I managed to make you a little curious.  I think it can also be a holiday destination.  As usual, I am waiting for you in the comments section with your opinions about this article, suggestions, or questions.  See you next Sunday with another article that I hope you like a lot.


Sources: http://www.visitahtari.fi

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