The eight-stringed passion

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The guitar has appeared since antiquity and at that time, the guitar strings were made of silk. Currently, the guitar has strings made of metal or plastic. There are several types, which means that they can have many strings. The guitar as an instrument itself is the most common in pop music.

Eight-string guitars, that’s what I want to talk about today, is not the most common but they are used in some of my favorite musical genres such as jazz or metal.
This guitar made its appearance in the 19th century, being used by the Italians Luigi Legnani and Giulio Regondi. Still, most recently they were popularized by metal bands such as the Swedish band Meshuggah.

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If I were to say why I love this guitar from my point of view, I think I could make a list of arguments. If you are passionate about guitar or other instruments, what are the reasons why you love instruments? I am waiting for you in the comments section.
So, the first reason why I love the eight-string guitar is that it offers a broader range of notes, more strings, and more to explore. The second reason would be the bass. I wouldn’t want to get into the technique too much, but it also gives me the third reason I love it: the fact that I can explore new territories with an eight-string guitar. As I said before, this guitar is quite recent in the music industry, making it even more special.

Photo source: personal archive

Another reason would be that it is a real challenge. It has several strings, somehow a different shape, a different weight, and a different design. For 6-string guitar lovers, I want to say one thing, you don’t lose the 6 strings but add a boost. That’s it. The 6-string exists within. In my opinion, the eight-string guitar is a very good solo instrument. Especially if you put it in an open tuning and use taping and harmonics and other technics and with this one you can make beautifully complicated arrangements.

But with all these qualities come some flaws, such as the loss of strumming, it is a little harder to play on it, or the rig is harder. But I personally see more qualities on the other side of the barricade than flaws.

This guitar has become my favorite lately and I am happy to share with you what I like. I hope you enjoyed this article and it gave you some new information. I am waiting for you in the comments section with your opinions, about the instruments you love and see you with a new article as usual on Sunday at 1 pm Helsinki time. Also, if there are among you willing to leave a testimonial about this blog and what it offers, I am waiting for you on my contact page or you can send it by email: Have an amazing Sunday!


2 responses to “The eight-stringed passion”

  1. I must say that I never knew much about the history of the guitar. It was always something I just listened to. I have no musical talent except for the kazoo (LOL). So, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. It was very informative. On a side note, I wonder if during all of these lockdowns, if people started learning how to play musical instruments. If so, I guess that would be a silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud.
    Thank you again.

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    1. I am very glad that you also liked this article and that I was able to come up with new information. I think that during the lockdown period many of us started learning all sorts of things: DIY, playing various instruments, cooking, or other things we didn’t know we were capable of. So you’re welcome!


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