Ace of hearts

Love is a feeling that stirs butterflies in the stomach even after years. It’s something that makes the world better, more united, and more sincere. A simple glance at your chosen one may cause strong feelings of affection and attachment. Often the feelings of love are so strong that there are no words that can describe those feelings.
Today is Valentine’s Day, the day when we celebrate the most beautiful feeling on earth, LOVE. The day when, mostly women, receive flowers and gifts or are pampered with all kinds of treats: spa, city breaks, or something else extravagant. But I believe that love should be celebrated and especially felt every day. What started Valentine’s Day and what is the story behind it? Well, let’s find out.

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Long ago, in ancient Rome (270 AD), there was a bishop named Sf. Valentine, officiated marriages to save men from going to battle. The emperor Claudius II Gothic did not like this, and he ordered the bishop to be beheaded.
February 14th was chosen as the day to celebrate his memory, the one that bound many couples who really loved each other. This bishop wore a ring with Cupid, the symbol of love, all his life. Now, I have found several variants of this legend on the Internet, but I tend to believe that this is the closest thing to the truth, if we rely on historical facts.

Love has always united people all over the globe, love has been the ace up the sleeve of any couple to overcome the trials and temptations of life, it is impossible for me to believe that love will disappear from the earth too soon.

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Nowadays, this holiday has become a good time to remember loved ones, to be more attentive, and warmer, with or without gifts. But we must admit that we ladies love to receive flowers from our partners, to surprise them in turn and to end the evening in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. For those who are not very inspired, I thought I would welcome you with some ideas that I hope will help you. At least that’s a little hint.

The most pleasant, simple, and sincere gift can be flowers. A bouquet or an arrangement made with style and elegance can leave any lady speechless. And it is known that most ladies love flowers. Because spring is approaching, I would opt for spring flowers. Local, without the pollution they do crossing many countries to reach us, and very fragrant.

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If your partner is sweet-loving, you can’t go wrong with a surprise cake. Choose her/his favorite cake, favorite cream, and decorations in favorite colors. As with flowers, you can choose something simple or something super extravagant.

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If you want to add a little gem besides flowers or cake, then I recommend a fine bracelet or a chain with a statement pendant. Of course, depending on each person’s budget, they may have a semi-precious stone or something custom-made.

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If you both work very hard and spend very little time together, then a few days’ vacation somewhere warm and good would be good for both of you. An exotic location, fragrant cocktails, and your loved one by your side would do much good for your relationship.

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Everyone has that perfect thing in mind, and diversity shouldn’t bother anyone. Unleash your imagination, and spend this holiday exactly the way you want it, with or without gifts. After all, love is the star of the day. Enjoy your loved one and every moment spent together. Life is beautiful and must be lived to the fullest.
See you as usual on Sunday, from 1 pm, Helsinki time. Happy Valentine’s day!



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