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Summer is a very hot season, but some of us love it. And it doesn’t seem as far away as it seemed to us at the end of 2021. And with the summer begins the festival season, with fun on the beach, lots of sun, and good cheer. But you want to look impeccable and for that, you have to start on the “road of movement” and today I meet you with some ideas that I think will help you get to that enviable body.

The first idea that can go through the mind of any of us is a gym membership. And it’s not a bad idea at all: you have all kinds of equipment, coaches to help you, all kinds of group exercises and even a spa (depending on the location). You can make a subscription for a month in the first phase and see how you feel, but don’t forget that sport is not only good for your figure but also for your health. Now let’s face it – most of us we’ve been ”hibernating” this winter, especially since the pandemic has shut down almost everything.

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Of course, you can try to do sports in the comfort of your own home. There are many variants such as Freeletics or even VR fitness games from Oculus. There are plenty of sources of inspiration on YouTube, even for yoga. For the days when I don’t go to the gym, I choose either yoga or VR, then a quick shower and a sauna. After a few days, believe me, you will start to feel the difference, but the main idea is, whether you do it from the gym or from home, do not overdo it in the first week. No sense in trying too hard on the first day and the rest of the week to stay in bed cause of the muscle fever.

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You can get to your dream body without going to the gym if you don’t like it. That’s why I have another idea that might delight you, namely dance classes. You will use your creativity much more, your posture will undergo impressive transformations and I believe that dancing can be an advantage for women. Something newer and more sought after by women is pole dancing. Quite difficult and requires a lot of effort but the final results can be seen with the naked eye. Even men use this method to improve their tone or even their body muscles because this type of dance uses all muscle packs.

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A habit that many consider pure relaxation but also other qualities is massage. Once or twice a week a massage done by someone skilled and according to everyone’s wishes can work wonders. But massage works in this direction only if you help your body with sports and even a balanced menu. I do not believe in miracle diets but in changing my lifestyle: quality food, sometimes fulfilled cravings and sports.

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For all this to work, you need to remember a few key points: stay hydrated, nourish yourself and sleep. Our body needs all three steps to be able to cope with training but also with daily life. We live in an age where time seems to run out but I think we should always find time for ourselves, whether we are parents or not.

I hope this article will help you decide what is the best kind of movement for you and your body and you’ll be ready just on time for summer. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for your comments and I’ll meet you again next week with another article, interesting I hope.


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