The perfect smile

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Without trying to scare anyone, I just want to explain a few things, from my own experience that I hope will help you too.
First of all, inadequate dental hygiene can cause long-term problems for both the teeth and the internal organs. Many diseases start from this cause. And after this pandemic that really scared us, now more than ever we want to live longer and healthier. What I want to recommend first of all is a visit to a dentist at least once every 6 months. It is important to know the condition of the teeth.

In each country, it may be different, but in Finland, the dentist checks and repairs, and the dental hygienist takes care of the cleaning and, whitening. This is a very important aspect of teeth cleaning with a specialist. Surely each of us has had at least one night in his life where has fallen asleep without brushing our teeth, or without doing it responsibly and carefully. If they are repeated several times a year, it can lead to ugly tartar deposits and later to tooth and gum disease. And when it’s too late, it becomes painful. I think that prevention is better than treatment, at least in this case. They also teach you how to do an efficient cleaning so that you can considerably reduce your visits to the office. If you follow all the rules, like the hygienist showed to you, from 6 months you can increase the period up to one visit per year.

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The gum has a very close relationship with the heart, and if the gum shows signs that something is wrong, it should not be delayed, so as not to find ourselves with even more problems.

At the dentist, you should check if there are problems with the teeth and if there are, what is the best solution to solve them. In the case of caries that are barely visible, many tend to postpone the visit to the doctor. When finally go to the doctor, besides the fact that there will be some pain, the price of the work will be higher. Which I don’t think is cost-effective from any point of view. And a smile with clean and well-groomed teeth catches everyone’s eye.

Products I recommend:

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I recommend this dental floss for people who, like me, do have dental work with a bridge. These are working under which one or more teeth may be missing. It cleans very well and is extremely easy to use.

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This solution, which is used as a mouthwash, is very important. Because it kills bacteria in the oral cavity, it is used in the short term, with a longer break between uses. They are the good bacteria we need, so they can be used for up to two weeks, with a break of at least a month. It takes care of your gums, especially those that bleed or are sensitive. But the dental hygienist can explain more.

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For those who can bear the slightly earthy-salty taste of this toothpaste, it is a great plus because many doctors recommend it and it can be found anywhere, including in supermarkets. It has repairing properties and protects teeth.

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And the last product I’m really excited about is this mouthwash. With much less alcohol than many other products even from this brand, you no longer feel stinging or discomfort when using it. And the effect lasts.

My personal opinion is that it is easier to prevent than to treat and this is my urge for all those who in one way or another avoid dentists.
I hope this article is useful and I am waiting for you in the comments section with your opinions about going to the dentist and what creates fear. See you next Sunday at 2 pm, Helsinki time.


3 responses to “The perfect smile”

  1. Let me begin by saying that I hate dentists, their families, and even their dogs…LOL…I have what is called “white coat phobia”. It comes from childhood bad experiences with dentists and doctors. However, everything you write is true. We must take better care of our teeth but most of us take our teeth for granted. So, I thank you for your advice and I’m sure others feel the same way. But I still hate dentists!

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    1. Your comment is hilarious. I was kind of expecting you not to like dentists, but what do you have to share with their dogs? LOL Thanks for the comment and the time given to my article.


  2. The context of this content is really good. Thank you for sharing this type of awareness with us. In this article, you shared much informative knowledge on multiplication activities. Take look at this too dental hygiene Thanks!


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