Coconut for a fresh summer

Finally, the summer is in full swing in the Finnish realm where the summer is quite short but very beautiful. I personally can enjoy a quiet beach, without too much fuss and noisy bars, just a few minutes from home. With the slippers on my feet and the mat under my arm, I have the sun at my disposal for at least 12 hours.
The terraces have been opened, cocktails are being prepared, the boats are taken out on the canal or at sea and relaxation can begin.

And if you are wondering what the Finnish summer has to do with the coconut, I’ll tell you right away.
We all know that all ladies and gentlemen want to maintain the figure they worked on all winter to be impeccable now. And believe me, summer is full of temptations, from soft drinks to sweets and ice cream. For coconut lovers, the juice of this fruit is ideal: refreshing and low in calories and carbohydrates.
In addition, natural coconut juice is an excellent source of hydration.

According to, ”coconut water contains sodium, which helps replenish the amount of salt lost from the body through sweating during summer.” The number of people that don’t get enough potassium from their diet is quite high and here comes again the miracle fruit.

An example of an alcoholic drink for ladies would be Coconut Martini, and for this drink, which I believe is not a caloric monstrosity, we need only 4 ingredients: 60 ml gin, 30 ml coconut water, half an orange, and cucumber.
In a glass, mix the gin well with the coconut juice, and then add the ice cubes. Strain the mixture through a sieve and pour it into a cooled glass. In the end, grease the edge of the glass with orange juice and garnish with the second slice of cucumber. And we quickly and easily have a delicious drink for a summer evening somewhere on a terrace or pub.

Although Finland is not a tropical country no matter how you turn the map, Finns love coconut and the variety of products they can find, from coconut water to essential oils, from coconut milk for cooking to extracts and tinctures. And among the coconut lovers, here I am, one of them.

For those who already live or plan to go this summer to tropical countries where coconut is in its natural environment, then surely the holiday experience will be even more unique. And in my case it will be most likely next year, this summer is already planned and has other destinations.
I hope this article will whet your appetite for travel and fun even more. I leave you to relax, to enjoy this article and the weekend, to plan your vacations and we will meet next Sunday, at the same time. Cheers!



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  1. The coconut is fascinating. On a hot day, it is a much better choice than a sports drink and it can even be used instead of plasma in a transfusion if plasma is not available. I’m not a big fan of its taste but I have to acknowledge it’s incredible benefits. Thank you for the article.

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