Midsummer- weekend diary

Summer is very exciting in the land of the happiest people in the world. Starting with June, it seems that we have the green light for fun. Amusement parks, concerts, activities, and trips all over the country. I’ll tell each story one by one and I will take you with me on what meant two wonderful weekends.

Särkänniemi, Tampere- the Finnish Disneyland

Opened in 1975, it’s the second-largest amusement park in Finland, after the one in Helsinki, called Linnanmäki. And for many years in a row, it was chosen as the best leisure center in Finland.

I was with my colleagues from work last weekend and although it rained on and off all day, I was not regretting at all that I went. I stayed only a few hours but I had time to discover a lot of exciting things in this amusement park.
In addition to all sorts of “horror” trains and toy fishing, it has a beautiful aquarium (as if it were a piece of the one I saw in Paris brought here to Tampere) a planetarium, and the Näsinnuela observation tower.

The popcorn and cotton candy are so bing in portion and the taste is beyond words. If this summer you’re looking for a vacation destination, you should write down Finland on your list.

I don’t know exactly why, but I personally find Finnish street food great. I haven’t had the opportunity to see all of Europe, but at least from how many countries I’ve been to, the street food here is better than anywhere.

They used to have a dolphinarium before, but for some reason, it is no more. I hope the dolphins are free though.

As expected, you can’t go somewhere to have fun and not go through the souvenir shop.

Kankaanpää- the birthday party

Directly from the amusement park, I and my husband went to a friend’s birthday, who was waiting for us ready with everything we needed for a Finnish-style event. The sauna was on, with the wood-burning on the stove, and the palju was full of water and heating up in its rhythm, enough to allow us to heat up the grills well.

It looks like for my husband was a big relaxation session. Well, after 5 days of stressful work, some relaxation is always welcomed.

 Alppiruusupuisto, Raisio- the flowers park

198 varieties of wild alpine roses, of which a total of 28 varieties are domestic, are the beauty of this park. These flowers start to bloom in the middle of May and they last till Midsummer, the middle of June. The view is breathtaking and it’s free to get in there.

If you pay attention you can find blueberries and wild fruits, all in the same park. So while having a relaxing walk in this park with some luck you can have a snack as well. This park is amazing. With a lot of benches and shade, you can also enjoy a book.

Yyteri beach- sea, sand, and sun

As I said in a previous article, Yyteri beach, Finland, this beach is incredible. Maybe you don’t have a bar right on the beach and music at dizzying volumes, but in the end, you go there to relax, not to have the music shouting in your ears.
I love this beach. On Friday (this Friday) I spent a few hours there and recharged my batteries, so I’m ready to start a new week with fresh strength. But not yet, there is also Sunday.

Nystad- at ”home”

And to end this series of activities and the many hours of driving here and there, today we stayed “at home”. A little out in the city after the scorching sun. We had lunch at a restaurant on the pontoon and a walk next to the boats anchored by the canal.

How did you spend midsummer or in general last weekend? I hope you enjoy this summer to the fullest, now that there are no more health restrictions and the sun is shining. Enjoy the beach, the sea, the mountains, the hiking, and everything your soul desires.
I want this article to inspire you to travel and discover new places. See you next Sunday at the same time. Hyvä Juhhanusta!


Souces: Wikipedia, raisio.fi

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