Holiday kickstart

For many of my readers, the holiday started a couple of months ago, for me, it will begin next weekend. I left a lot of things to be done at the last minute, but I’ll set them up before I go, guaranteed.

It will be a full month in which I want to enjoy the company of my parents, and friends, and visit new places, or the ones I already love, but I want to explore to the maximum these 4 weeks I have at my disposal. If you are wondering where I am going, I can only tell you this: I will begin with Romania.
I have wanted for many years to explore Dracula’s castle, to enjoy the menu rich in flavors (I understood that it came out in the 4th place in the world for the best 30 traditional dishes and drinks), and to go hiking in the Carpathian mountains.

Now that the pandemic is on its way, far away hopefully, I want to do everything I couldn’t do in the almost three years I haven’t left Finland. I want to see the world, make new friends, sleep late, and create perhaps the most beautiful memories. And I want to share it with you.

There is still a lot to develop, especially since I go by car, not by plane. I do this for two reasons: I try to avoid the madness of airports with canceled or delayed flights, and then I want to enjoy every country I pass through. I’m in no hurry so I’ll stop wherever I feel I should. Especially I want to see the old town in Riga.

The Clay Castle – Valley of the Fairies
Dracula’s castle
Peles castle
Transrarau (I’ve been here before)

In the images above you can find only some of the spectacular places in Romania. I like it because it still has those old villages with tradition, welcoming and friendly people, beautiful nature, and history for everyone.

I want to start this trip with this article and to keep you up to date through a holiday diary. Experiences, food, people, places. I’m counting the days until I pick up my bags and hit the run.
See you on July 31 with the first article of this trip. Enjoy the sun, the sea, the mountains, and everything that makes you happy. I am also waiting for you in the comments section or on Instagram with your suggestions and opinions. Happy holiday!


2 responses to “Holiday kickstart”

  1. Dracula’s castle! I am so jealous. Which one will you visit? The tourist one or the real one, where he actually lived. Bring lots of garlic in case old Vlad is still wandering around the place! Have a safe trip.

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    1. I think I will visit both, though the one where he used to live is pretty damaged by the time. And no, I don’t need garlic, I can sharpen my teeth so I can bite him back if he dares to show his fangs at me. 😅


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