Traveler for the day (part I )

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Crazy or less crazy to leave from Finland to Romania with an electric car, I decided and I did it. I am a magnet for extreme situations and I like adrenaline. Over the years I have ventured on all kinds of trips and I think that my nature also helps me a lot in this sense.
If last time I told you how it was to look for charging stations and what obstacles I encountered in other countries, this time I would like to reveal my experience with the hotels I stayed at, including the ones in Romania where we stayed when we went to visit tourist attractions.


This was our first stop. A superb hotel, somewhat pretentious but with a very kind staff. On the day of the reservation, they called us to check at what time we would check in and they made sure that everything was perfect when we arrived. A very clean hotel, with affordable prices and very close to the old center of Riga.
The breakfast was very varied and tasty, the wine that awaited us in the room in the evening was also of high quality and we felt absolutely perfect. Especially me, I threw myself in the bathtub as soon as we brought the luggage upstairs. I missed a long bath with myself and a glass of wine like I used to have while in Paris.


It was a nice hotel, a little more private, and more family style compared to the Radisson. Apart from that, on the ground floor is the reception and the restaurant, and what I really liked is that no one without a room card can use the elevator to go up trying to enter the rooms. If you are traveling with valuables, you can be as calm as possible about this.
The restaurant’s menu is quite extensive and the food really delicious, as well as in the case of breakfast. We liked the time we spent at this hotel.


At this hotel, it was a situation in a way of several ways, if I may say so. When you stay at such a hotel or any owned by Hilton, you should show up a bit differently than at other hotels. But we didn’t. We arrived a little before midnight, with our wrinkled clothes on after 15 hours of continuous driving and without our luggage, and we went to check-in. An airline crew entered behind us, looking flawless.
In the room, we laughed at how pathetic we looked compared to that crew. But it was all right, a little pretentious for my taste though.
The breakfast was not very rich in options, but I chose to make a plate with English breakfast and I liked it.


Well, well, well. Where should I begin? In short, we were very disappointed with what we found in this location, in the old center of Sibiu. Starting with the lack of towels and ending with the mess in which we somehow had to make room, we learned that on such trips a hotel must be chosen in advance and not an air b&b at the last minute. We were very disappointed, so in short, I do not recommend this location at all.


In order to relax after the bitter disappointment of the location in Sibiu, we went to Bran, our objective being the Bran castle, a splendor shrouded in history. Here the hotel host was very kind to help us with the tangle we made on Very clean room with air conditioning in hot Romania. I really liked how all the furniture was made from refurbished pieces, such as the headboard.
They also have a terrace and a restaurant open until 10 p.m. with a Varied menu, traditional Romanian food, and a lot of venison. A 5-minute walk to Bran Castle was an experience that I recommend to other fellows who want to visit Romania and Dracula’s castle.


This motel is one of the places we always return to, wherever we are in this world. Here we find dry or steam saunas when we miss mother Finland. It is located in a more secluded area of ​​the city of Iasi, which is also full of tourist attractions. I recommend the house wine, it is very good and a portion of papanasi with jam. The staff was kind every time, and every experience in this place was unique.

So this is a part of the places where we stayed this summer holiday; I’ll be back with part two in the closer future. Meanwhile, enjoy this Sunday, the article, and everything that is good in your lives. For those who are new here, you can subscribe to my blog page and get notifications on email every time I post an article. See you next Sunday with a delicious article.


2 responses to “Traveler for the day (part I )”

  1. What a broad range of hotels, from the sublime to the absurdly bad. But, it’s all part of the travel experience. Take care and be safe on your journey.

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    1. Yes. I had situations and situations. But that’s how it is most of the time, it has to be something to laugh about years and years from now.


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