Traveler for the day (part II )

It’s nice to travel, isn’t it? Especially if you are an adventure lover like me. And just so you know, nothing has changed in Tallinn while I was on vacation. But we will get there.
Two weeks ago I showed you the hotels where we stayed on our entire route from Finland to Romania, now I would like to offer you the hotels where we stayed on the reverse road. Prepare the tea or coffee and let’s sit and read.

Now that we knew the return route, somehow I knew how many hours a day we would have to drive and it was easy to estimate the time we would arrive at the accommodation, so I made the reservations shortly and not long before and then rush to the hotel.


The first stop was an inn in Romania, called Casa Blanca, in a city called Reghin. Relatively small location, but very beautiful. It’s a kind of inn where you stop just to sleep a little before you hit the road again. The restaurant with a specific Romanian menu is a delight, from the decor to the menu. And you know what? It’s open 24/7. I met a lady at the restaurant who made our stay even more beautiful. My allergy to olives ended up binding a beautiful relationship. I think communication is the key to all beautiful things.


The next stop was in Rzeszow, Poland. I need and want to start with this. The Poles have a traditional soup called zurek, which is heaven on earth if you ask me, and I discovered it at this hotel. The staff was helpful even if there were some communication problems and the room was super clean, airy, and ready to embark you in the magic of sleep. Tips: the wine was very good.


This hotel is at the top of my favorites from all the ones I stayed at on this vacation. From afar, the designer knew what he was doing. From the entrance to the hotel to the room, everything is superb. If it is the first time you sleep at this hotel, the staff will explain the breakfast menu and where you can find everything you want to eat or drink.
If you are not passing through like we were, the area has a lot to offer and the spa part of the hotel is awesome. For the menu, I don’t have words to describe the look and the taste of the food, absolutely heaven in your mouth. If you are a smoker this is not a problem. Each room has its own terrace with chairs and an ashtray, so no one feels uncomfortable during their vacation.


Well, well, well. So I arrived in Tallinn. Did I tell you at the beginning of the article that nothing has changed? Well, the same problem persists with chargers for electric cars that transit the country.

Anyway, I spent the last night in Tallinn. A hotel in which you can see that a lot has been invested. We stayed on the 22nd floor, we had an amazing view. I have to admit that the bed was super comfortable, I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. The big plus, from my point of view, was the bathroom; equipped with a bathtub and shower, I doused myself in the bathtub full of foam where I stayed until the water had almost cooled down.

Because we arrived after the restaurant closed, we chose to order food online and while we waited, we served a cold martini at the bar and for the room, we bought an old good, cold wine.
We were a little disappointed with the breakfast, somehow it wasn’t in harmony with everything around, so we didn’t linger too long.

I really liked that when we return we don’t go to the same hotels but discover new places, new menus and believe me I like to experience new and especially traditional cuisines of the countries I’m in. We didn’t make plans for the winter vacation and I don’t even know where to go because many friends invited us to many countries, but overall this experience was worth the effort.
For those who travel through these countries, I hope you find the source of inspiration in the two articles. I’ll see you soon with a super delicious article, but until then I’m waiting for you in the comments section with your opinions and even suggestions for the winter vacation.


One response to “Traveler for the day (part II )”

  1. Great little post and an incredibly fascinating story Andreea, thanks for sharing this with us!

    Reminds me of wonderful time I had with my wife in a teeny tiny South Asian hidden gem of a country, Sri Lanka.

    It was an incredible experience from people to places to architecture to all the experiences that we’ve gathered, such a magnificent place to be and it was an one for the memory vaults.

    You can read the full story here,


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