A must for fall

It is the beginning of September and the cold season is settling in. Over the years I have noticed that no matter how fashion changes, some pieces are indispensable in any woman’s wardrobe, and today I would like to talk a little about this. We all want to always be in step with fashion, but we must not forget that fashion comes and goes, all that remains is the style and pieces that remain forever classy.

Cotton sweaters

With a sweater of this kind, you can make a lot of combinations. If you opt for colors such as beige or white, I recommend the combination with denim, on the other hand, powerful colors go perfectly with black pants, even leather.

Trench coat

This is the piece of clothing that I personally look forward to the most. The wardrobe should not be missing in any way the beige trench in autumn colors. From elegance and romance to style and attitude, this is what I think such a piece exudes. In addition, it is warm, goes in millions of combinations, and will never go out of style.

Berets and hats

Berets as well as fabric hats are an accessory that gives even more elegance to the autumn outfit. It’s a kind of poetry, a harmony. You can opt for one in autumn colors or one in black, they are easy to match with your outfit and in addition, keep you warm on days when the wind is a little gustier.


Regarding shoes, here I think it depends a lot on everyone’s tastes. There are women who don’t wear more elegant clothes, but rather practical or extra-sized clothes.
I really like elegant ankle boots, with comfortable heels, but I’m crazy about black motorcycle boots; I personally think that these shoes are very versatile.

I decided to write this article specifically on this topic because I love autumn and all the colors and shades it comes with. As I said in other articles related to fashion and beauty, all these are things that I notice over the years, without having attended any fashion school, and that come to my mind the moment I sit down in front of the laptop.

As usual, I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section, either here or on Instagram, and I look forward to your suggestions or opinions about this article. Thank you for showing me every time on social media that what I do is worthwhile. See you next Sunday at 2 pm Helsinki time.


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