Pampered in Italian style

Italy is a beautiful country and many places to visit recommend it. It is romantic and at the same time full of history, with beautiful people and with adventure in their blood. Not long ago I was on a city break in Tarquinia, an old Etruscan city, in Lazio, Central Italy, 90 km from Rome.

Elisir Della Bellezza, via dei Velka 22 Tarquinia.

Besides Italian cuisine, which in my opinion is brilliant, I wanted to try as many things as possible. And since I’m a lover of beauty, I looked on the Internet for a beauty salon or a place where I can go to relax while someone else takes care of me. And I found it and today about this experience I want to talk.
In my search, I found an Instagram page (@ionela_surugiu_phibrows) that offers a variety of services and I was very intrigued by it, so I started browsing through the posts. After I saw that quality products are used and about which I know a thing or two, I sent a message hoping to get a free place for some pampering.

From the varied list of services (makeup, tattoo remover, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, lips, manicure with CND shellac products that do not harm nails, pedicure, eyelash lamination) I chose eyelash lamination and manicure. I don’t think I could have chosen better. I can say that this lady works wonders, and if you are passing through this part of Italy, I recommend you pay her a visit.

What pleasantly surprised me is that I discovered that there is also a manicure that does not require filing or invasion of the natural nail, which is super cool. What’s more, some of the products for mani-pedi also come in the simple version that does not require a UV lamp for drying, and in this way, clients who do not want or avoid UV nail polishes can have the same colors and impeccable manicures.

I will definitely repeat this experience and if you are on your way to this beautiful town, I recommend you to visit Elisir Della Bellezza, via dei Velka 22 Tarquinia.

It doesn’t happen very often that I am fascinated by a beauty salon, but my experience this time was very pleasant.
I’m waiting for you in the comments with your opinions about locations of this kind, experiences, and why not recommendations. We will meet again next week, Sunday at 2 pm Helsinki time.


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