The new kick in the dance music

Music and musical currents have always changed. There were new currents, new styles, and new artists and they continue to appear. Today, however, I would like to talk a little about MORTEN (Morten Breum) and the future rave style.

MORTEN (Morten Breum) is a Danish DJ/producer who was born in 1982 and launched in the music industry between 2008-2010. The strongest impact it had was in 2019 when he created the pioneering new genre ‘Future Rave’ with his good friend David Guetta.

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Future Rave it’s a new EDM genre started by David Guetta and Morten, it’s a mixed style of techno and progressive house with aggressive melodic arpeggiators, fat basslines, and punchy drums.
He has an audience of 4.7 million monthly on Spotify alone, featuring in the top 5 most played records worldwide by DJs for seven weeks after his long collaboration with David Guetta. According to THE NATIONAL, ”his shows in Europe over the summer are massive, with tens of thousands of people”. Which I have to admit is not hard to believe.

Someone once told work hard and stay true to yourself. And I think this is what would describe better this amazing DJ. His music is played in big scenes and festivals and with all the support that this genre is getting, soon we will have more and more great DJs.

My dear readers, this article may not cover MORTEN’s talent in depth, but I will guide you to search on streaming platforms and enjoy his music, and why not throw a big party, as the holiday is approaching.
I thank you for all the support offered recently, both here and on social networks, and I hope to see you again soon with a new article, to your taste.


Sources: The National,

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