Viking female makeup

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The art of make-up throughout history took different forms and symbols until it became what we women love today. If in a previous article I presented the history of make-up ( A brief history of makeup ) but in which I skipped certain areas, countries, and populations, today I would like to talk a little about the art and symbolism of Viking make-up, if I still live in a part of the world where the Vikings were my predecessors.

The Vikings were known for their fierce warriors and seafaring skills, but did you know that Viking women also had a unique approach to makeup? While their makeup routine may seem simple by today’s standards, it was an important part of their culture and identity.

One of the most distinctive features of Viking female makeup was the use of dark, kohl-like substance called ”kohl ” or like in our days ”eyeliner ”. If you ask yourself how it was made, well this was made by grinding up a mineral called galena, which was then mixed with animal fat and water to creat a paste. The paste was then applied to the eyes using a small stick or a thin brush.

The purpose of this eyeliner was not purely aesthetic, but also for practical reason. The dark color helped to reduce glare from the sun and snow, which was important for the Vikings who lived in northen regions. It also helped to protect the eyes insects and another irritants.

In addition to eyeliner, Viking women also used a variety of natural ingredients to enhance their beauty. As an example, they used crushed berries or roots to create a natural blush for their cheeks. They would also use a mixture of honey and water to create a natural lip balm.

Another interesting aspect of Viking female makeup was the use of tattoos. While tattoos were not exclusive to women, they were often used as a form of decoration and identification. Viking women would often have tattoos on their arms, hands, and face, which were meant to symbolize their status and accomplishments.

These designs had several purposes, such as showing familial or tribal affiliation, symbolizing the status of Vikings within their community, and distinguishing friends from enemies during the battles. Sometimes women used face paint to ward off evil spirits.

Overall, Viking female makeup was simple yet effective. It was a reflection of their practical and resourceful nature, as well as their desire to express their individuality and identity. Today, we can still learn from their approach to beauty and appreciate the unique cultural traditions that have shaped our world. It seems that even though trends come and go, certain practices remain, only resurfacing in modified forms.

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  1. Whenever I’ve watched a Viking movie, I was always impressed with the fierce beauty of the women Now I know this was not just a Hollywood creation. Thank you for the information!

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